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At Direct Automotive, We will keep a record of your cars service history when serviced by us; this will help you to better understand any problems or issue that may arise with your vehicle as it ages. The best way to keep the value of your vehicle at its highest is to have regular services and checkups. 



Brakes are the most important aspect of any vehicle. We will service your vehicle using only the best quality replacement parts and

We will do this in a timely and cost effective manner.


Don’t risk it, Insist on regular brake checkups and insist on the best replacement parts.


Regular car servicing and log books will guarantee that when it comes time to sell you vehicle, you will get the best deal possible.


We can service your new car with latest diagnostic equipment without voiding your new car warranty. Save time and money otherwise wasted at the expensive brand new car dealerships overpriced service centres.



We offer brand name tyres and our new workshop provides a complete tyre and wheel service.


With the opening of our vehicle accessories showroom in 2016, Why not add some style or Bling to your much love vehicle, with an exciting and fashionable range of rims to choose from.

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